Candidate Selection

At The de Grouchy Partnership, our consultants invest a great deal of time thoroughly screening our candidates and building meaningful relationships with them. A biographical and competency based interview is always performed to ensure a candidate is technically and culturally suitable for a specific role and company.

Consequently, when you receive a shortlist from us, you will be confident that the necessary actions have been professionally completed and that the candidates are worth exploring further.


The de Grouchy Partnership is foremost a headhunting agency who puts emphasis on finding suitable candidates through networking and direct search. This approach results in us choosing a selection of hand-picked candidates that are sometimes hard to reach by pure contingency methods.

An essential USP, and key to our success rate is that we do this at a similar cost to other recruiters that rely heavily on just advertising or database searches.

Comprehensive Marketing

Known for our comprehensive marketing, we spend considerable sums every year to guarantee that our client’s vacancies receive maximum exposure across a variety of widespread media channels including; key marketing titles, email marketing, social media networks and online job portals such as Brand Republic, Marketing Week, Only Marketing, Simply Marketing, The Grocer, Monster, Total Jobs and The Guardian.


We subscribe to external databases such as Monster, Total Jobs, Only Marketing, Simply Marketing, Linked In and Xing. This ensures we have access to a wide pool of new marketing and research candidates entering the market.

Senior Appointments

The de Grouchy Partnership has considerable experience placing senior Marketing & Research Directors and Executives. Our strong knowledge of leadership competencies and specific industries ensures we can identify people who possess the desired leadership qualities and technical expertise for your business.


As a business, we enjoy strong levels of repeat business from our clients and continue to build on our success to date. We strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in our work and are always looking at ways to improve our service.