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Here at de Grouchy Partnership we have put together some invaluable tips and guides to help make sure your CV and interview skills are up to scratch.

CV Template

Your CV is arguably the most important tool you will need when finding a new job. It will often be your first impression to an employer, setting the tone of your interview. Get your CV off to the best start with our free template.

Download CV(MS Word format)

Common Interview Questions

Interviews are designed to test whether you have the skills, the personality, and the enthusiasm to be a success in the role. Every interviewer has their own style, however here are a list of common questions that can give you an edge if you can answer using real life examples.

This guide will help you prepare for these common and crucial interview questions.

Strengthen you CV with Numbers

They say a picture can be worth a 1000 words but so can Numbers. Often when speed-reading you find numbers help to explain, prioritise and make understanding easier and quicker.

Find out how to get the most out of numbers when writing your CV with this guide,

Preparing for Aptitude Tests

It is increasingly common for employers to use numerical and verbal reasoning tests in order to assess candidate’s ability to process verbal and numerical information within a set period of time.

Use this guide to further your understanding of these assessments, and increase your chance of passing them.

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