Preparing for Aptitude Tests

It is increasingly common for employers to use numerical and verbal reasoning tests in order to assess candidate’s ability to process verbal and numerical information within a set period of time.

Here at de Grouchy Partnership we have a selection of mock papers that we are happy to share with you so you can practice and achieve the results you want. Please get in contact with a member of the team and ask for further information.

Find the right environment!

Many of these tests are done online, prior to your meeting with the client. Therefore, make sure you find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Internet signals can always be hit and miss so make sure that you are in a hot spot that will not let you down, we always advise candidates to test the connection first.

Know how the tests are marked!

These tests are marked by comparing your scores against the the mean average of others who have taken the test. The key is mixing accuracy and speed together.

Have the right tools!

Make sure you have a pen and paper to hand, and if necessary, a calculator.

Lastly - Practice, Practice and Practice.

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