Strengthen your CV with numbers

They say a picture can be worth a 1000 words but so can Numbers. Often when speed-reading you find numbers help to explain, prioritise and make understanding easier and quicker.

When writing your cv remember that the prospective employer needs to have instant recognition of your previous successes.

YOU need to jump out from the page and give a good reason why they should pick YOU and not another. Here are some top tips to strengthen your CV:


Have you been First in anything? Have you received an Award or maybe 2?

Think carefully how to describe your successes. Instead of saying:

I did really well in my last job looking after the marketing team
in a large company selling xxx

How about this:

I led a marketing team of 10 people in a company with a turnover
in excess of £20million. Sales were up last year by 20 % - the highest increase in 5 years.

Here are some more examples:

I led a new product re-launch in 4 countries achieving
a 10% growth versus a declining category"

I delivered 5 NPD products in 2011, increasing market share
by 7% driving leadership position"

Scope and Scale

What is more impressive, a Marketing Manager in a firm with 300 people or one in a firm with 2,000? Where appropriate use numbers to indicate the scope and scale of your work. Here are some examples:

I developed a social media strategy that reached 100,000 users

I managed 30 products across four markets with an annual turnover of £55 Million

Responsible for a team of 10 people with full budget management responsibility of £15 million


It is essential to add a timeframe to your accomplishments so your future employer can get an understanding of the speed it took you to achieve your successes. Here are some examples:

The company saw a 30% increase in sales due to a campaign that
I launched in just under 6 months.

Promoted to Marketing Director within 2 years of joining the business.

Set up new marketing processes within 3 months which saw a
30% increase in our ROI.

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